Fall of Civilization

In the Beginning

Every great story has to start somewhere. Let us start with some rules...

This is going to be a low magic campaign for the first Act (levels 1 thru 7 roughly). I’m going for a more gritty start that changes to a high magic campaign to finish. This doesn’t mean you can’t have magic.

Opponents (1-7): Arms and tactic based. No magic loot.
Opponents (8-14): Arms/Tactics with Magic support. Some magic loot.
Opponents (14-20): Magic based with arms/support. Epic magic loot.

Please pick a trade/profession background like farmer, aristocrat, cobbler, carpenter, etc. The spring thaw came 3 weeks late this year, and finally the weather is cooperating for travel. You all have business in a small town (deliver, to get goods, passing through on your way to xyz, stuck over the winter in the town,…and please, not everyone is a caravan guard).

There will be side plots that may lead you away from the main plot. It is up to you to take them or not. There may be consequences for doing or not doing.

There may consequences for your actions. Examples:
– Kill the mayor, get hunted down like dogs by law enforcement and await trial by judge. Hopefully that judge isn’t the Mayors brother.
– Some actions will have a positive effect on one group, and a negative effect on another group.
- An opponent gives up near the end of the fight. Do you take him into custody or kill him? that decision may come into question later on when dealing with people that knew him.

I want more of a Video Game/Mass Affect/SWTOR style of story, rather than an XP farm. The story should be compelling and reactive to character choices and the combat should be fun and interesting.

Obviously, this is not going to be epic the first couple of sessions as we try out Roll20 and that i haven’t even played in two years, or DM’d 4e.



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