Fall of Civilization


The Solarii have all but gone from the Freelands and the call for volunteers, adventurers, and mercenaries have gone out to help defend the realm as the winter comes to a close.

Showdan (a wilden from the far reaches of nature) G√ľnther (a goliath from the mountain ranges), Riss (a githzerai from the Astral Plane), and Ulrin Copperheel (a dwarf from a local Clan) have responded and traveled to the walled town of Winterhaven to assist.

There, Lord Padraig has asked them to venture into the southern frontier to assess three important watch towers (Hilltop, Needlepoint, and Ravenswatch) that lie on the border between the farming lands of Winterhaven and wild Foglands across the Misty River.

Each tower is a three-day ride from Winterhaven and a three day ride from each other. Ravenswatch is a very small stone keep that can hold up to 30 men. Hilltop and Needlepoint are small wooden houses with wooden watchtowers.

Lord Padraig has also asked to check on how Farmer Woodswell and Farmer Maysmith have fared over the winter. The Woodswell farmhouse lays on the way to Hilltop. The Maysmith farmhouse lies on the path to Needlepoint.



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