Ward 5 - The Greylands

A desolate wasteland poisoned by necromantic energies that borders the Freelands western border. Legend says that Pelor killed Juiblex at the heart of the greylands with the help of Erathuun, an archon from Celestia, though Erathuun was also slain during the battle. The corruption of Juiblex was so great that, the land itself started to corrupt.

When the corruption had taken over a third of the continent, an elven druid created an active volcano at the center of the continent between the Freelands and the Greylands. Over many decades the druids were able to create a complete chasm from coast to coast. This is called the Lava Rift.

The Volcano is still active although only a minor amount lava flows from the mouth. Several towers of lava rock have been constructed along the border on the Freelands.

The Greylands are home for everything foul and unholy.

Ward 5 - The Greylands

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