Fall of Civilization

Bad Breath Kobald

Spend your Action Points here!

- One kobald spits a blast of acid at the Spirit Bear and Riss. Spirit bear disappears and Showdan suffers damage.
- Finished fight with scraggly looking kobalds. Three Kobald warriors, one Kobald Archer, and one Priest.
- Looted bodies yield: 5 gold, 23 silver, Dragon figurine Necklace.
- XP 175 each
- Total XP now at 425xp.

Party continues on the three day ride to Ravenswatch watch tower, stopping at the way point station one days ride out of Winterhaven.

The party detects the faint scent of death as they approach the door of the barn. After managing to slip in an axe shaft to lift the interior locking beam, the party pulls the barn doors open only to be hit with a stronger stench of death.

The Party finds a corpse of a decomposed elf, possibly half elf, in a rear bunk. This is surprising as elves are rare in this part of the continent. The “elf” is well equipped with high grade elven leather armour, longbow, dagger, and short sword. They decide to bury the elf with it’s armour on and keep the Longbow, dagger, and short sword in hopes of giving them back to elves..

They do keep a silver serving tray inscribed with runes, both on the platter and lid, found in the Elf’s backpack. Showdan identifies the runes as elvish and magical. Showdan is surprised at her arcane knowledge. They also keep 6 gold, 22 silver found on the elf.

The party secures the barn door with it’s thick locking beam again, and settles down to sleep for the night.



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