Ward 1 - Solaris

The Kingdom of Solaris is the most powerful nation on the planet of Sunthaer and has ruled all the other civilized nations for the last thousand years through magical might and strength of arms. The Solarii (as they are called) are a divinely gifted race of Aasimar, and rule in the name of the Heavens and Pelor, the Lord of Light.

The capitol city of Sol is a beautiful city of white stone that sits on the Plains of the Golden Sorrow at the center of the second largest continent.

It is taught to all peoples of the world, long ago the world was covered in darkness and corruption. The Dark Gods had ruled the world for millenia with only a few pockets of civilization left. It was during the last flickers of hope that the Solarii appeared. No one knows from where they came, only that they saved the world.

-6000 to -5500 BR (Before Reformation): Scholars believe the Solarii came to Sunthaer, then called Neph’Lor. Only small pockets of humans, elves, gnomes, and dwarves remain. Goblins, demons, orcs, and all manor of evil races dominate all corners of the world.

-3300 BR: The last Elder Demon is slain on the Plains of Golden Sorrow. Victory is declared in Ward 1.

-2300 to -2100 BR: The Freelands, the Green, and the Mistlands are liberated and new nations are formed. Peace exists for most of the population living away from the borders. Fighting is constant along the borders, but there are no major wars.

-1500 BR: The Resurgence occurs as Juiblex enters the world.

-1049 BR: Juiblex is slain by Pelor and Erathuun; Erathuun is also slain. The corruption from Juiblex starts to spread creating the Greylands.

-932 BR: The Lava Rift is created preventing the spread of the Greylands in the Freelands.

-202 BR: The Solarii are attacked on three sides from neighboring nations envious of the best lands and wealth, led by a power cabal of human mages. For the next 200 years, the Solarii track down and kill or subjagate all high level magic users.

0 RC (Reformation Calendar): The Reformation. With all high level magic users out of the way the Solarii install themselves as rulers of Sunthaer for “The Good of All”. All civilizated lands are ruled through the power of High-Regents. Any opposition is desimated by battle mages.

20 RC: The last of the rebellions are quelled.

995 RC – Earthshake. The world experiences a gigantic earthquake. All contact is lost with the Solarii kingdom. Countless towers crumble. Numerous tsunamis destroy coastline communities.

998 RC – Present Day

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Government & Politics
Solaris is ruled by an Empress and power is passed down from mother to daughter. The Empress is divinely gifted with Silver hair, and eyes of red and gold that flicker like fire.

The Solarii have separated the world into Wards, with eight wards in total. Each Ward is administered by a High-Regent. Every major city (10,000 citizens or more) is ruled by a Regent. Every town (2,000 or more) is administered by a Governor. Smaller towns, villages, and large rural areas may have a Steward.

There is also the Oracle, who is said to be the voice of Pelor himself. The Oracle is always a male, and is the head of the Church. Oracles are chosen at birth by through Divine Blessing, and are born with golden hair generates it’s own light, and and eyes solid gold (without pupil).




The Solarii outlaw everyone from practicing high level magic (Spell Level 15 or higher) unless the following criteria is met.

  • Must be Aasimar or a Convert.
  • Must be a Citizen of Sol.
  • Must be a member of the Academy and in good standing.
  • Must have taken the Oaths of Fealty.

People, regardless of race, that practice high level magic that do not meet the criteria, are executed, imprisoned, or banish from the planet.

About 1% of the Solarii population are Converts. Converts are other races that have undergone Conversion. Coverts go through a process in which to become Aasimar. They gain the following attributes.

Resist Energy: You gain resist cold 5 + one-half your character level.
Ancestral Smite: You can use ancestral smite as an encounter power.

Converts are given the ability to vote, hold low- to mid-level positions of power, health care, and free travel.

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Ward 1 - Solaris

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